Halloween......candy time

Of Course I'm not going to support feeding America thousands of pounds of high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, and more glucose than any human ever needs. No, what I want to see is Americans making a change, challenge the candy company holiday, born from the day of the dead,....(which is not at all the same as the Halloween we know here in America) and start understanding the facts about what candy is. What Halloween truly is: gathering with friends and family to celebrate, sharing memories and stories, of friends and family who have passed. Candy, while it is delicious, is a simple form of glucose that rapidly spikes your blood sugar level leading to a sharp release of insulin to absorb that gl

Low Carb Diets Growing Momentum

I know I know this seems like a long post but believe me its a MUST READ article! For those who struggle on an American diet it is clear that low carb diets is the most effective weight loss diet further more they can be a cure for type 2 diabetes. While the literature supporting this approach is wide spread, it is a controversial diet. However, a recent article published in, "Today's Dietitian," shows that there is promising movement behind the low carb lifestyle approach. To read the full article please use the following URL: Lets start with the bad: The article opens with a quick history lesson that is pretty interesting. Before ins

Grocery Store Madness

There's a cool article in the, Food & Nutrition magazine discussing the ever evolving industry of grocery stores. That's great and all but how does that effect the low carb community? The article highlights the growth in discount grocery stores such as Alids, Trader Joes, Costco, Kroger, etc. In addition to the growth in online realtors such as Thrive, Amazon Fresh, even Google Express. The author highlights the use of private labels to reduce premium food costs attracting more customers. In fact most of these stores are increasing their selections for fresh produce, organic meats, organic dairy, MSG free products, min

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