College Football Is Back GO HAWKEYES.....

That's right people college day is back, which here in Iowa is a big deal and should be everywhere else too. Lets face it college sports are just more exciting to watch than the pros, maybe because the athletes seem more repeatable, whatever the reason that's a debate for another day. How this relates to us who live low carb high fat lifestyles (#LCHF) is that we have to be ready to BRING IT!!! When it comes to tailgating foods, so we can show our everyone our food rocks. I have uploaded a few tailgating recipes in the recipe section of the blog for everyone to try out. Here are a few tips to making your own great low carb high fat (LCHF) tailgating foods. 1. Don't shy away from using cheese

Being ready for change is just as important as making that change.

How cool is this. The University of Vermont, Burlington campus is promoting a meditation, nutrition, and fitness program for their students in efforts to reduce the "party school" mentality and improve student growth. See the full article on NPR ( This brings together the connection of emotion, nutrition, and fitness under one approach. I would like to take a step back to say how important this is for everyone whether an individual is striving for weight or just focused on cleaning up their diet to better address their bodies needs. Obviously diet is a huge compo

Happy Wednesday HTC Family

Yeah for those who don't know all of your blog readers are now my HTC family. It comes with no strings or stress just all the good things families provide; good food (well no all but we're happy to help with that), good resources to learn, and all the support you might need for your lifestyles. Ok enough with the formalities lets talk food. The best foods are in season that means making marina, blt (not sandwich) salads and you can grill these too oh yeah that is delicious, cucumber salad for a great refreshing summer day salad, or course the berries which are amazing for making dessert mousse, summer gazpacho chilled soups (if this is new to you try it out. Goat cheese, cantaloupe, crisp ba

Welcome to Health Transitions Clinic

Our goal is to teach you how to use FOOD as you MEDICINE ditch those medications that weigh down the purses and pockets while enjoying your new lifestyle. From day one we will tell you to start eating FAT ditch the CABRS while we help you adjust medications to reflect the changes you have made to your diet. If you are on diabetic medications please DO NOT try this on your own. I repeat DO NOT try this on your own. We are the pros here to help you through the process of reducing medications as your diet, lifestyle, and over all health improves. This blog is a resource for recipes, videos, research, networking, and data for those interested in the low carb lifestyle. If you are interested to

How To Eat Low-Carb Quick?

By this point you have made it to the website, hopefully, accepted that a low carb diet is AWESOME and DELICIOUS but have noticed it can be a bit expensive. Here are some tips on how to keep low carb low cost. 1. Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep 2. Purchase the whole vegetable before the pre-cut, chopped, noodled, or cooked versions. 3. Buy coleslaw mix to have as a fall back its great for making stir-fries. 4. Make food in larger batches so you can purchase produce in larger quantities from stores like Sams or Costco. 5. SUPPORT LOCAL there are great local farms that have CSA options to purchase food throughout a full growing season. This cuts the cost of the produce for the consumer and ens

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